8-B, 2nd Floor LDA Flats, China Chowk, Lawrence Road, Lahore.

Ayesha Mother & Child Care Hospital


The first hospital will be set up in the rural area at Chak No 30 S.B Tehsil and Distt. Sargodha. The name of the Hospital is Ayesha Mother & Child Care Trust Hospital. A State of the art 50 bed hospital-under the supervision of qualified teams of Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, technicians, nurses and administrative staff where comprehensive state of the art and decent gynecology cure and care facility would be made available to the middle income

and low-income group of people at affordable costs. Those who can’t afford at all or who can’t afford total cost will be provided the same services at free or subsidized cost respectively, without discrimination as to color, cast or creed. This hospital will provide maternity and child care services for the heavily populated area in the Tehsil and District Sargodha consisted of about 15 villages with the population of about 100 thousand people.

Hospital Location

Chak no 30 s.b.s Tehsil & District Sargodha


Patients Department

Out Patient Department programs provide a treatment that is less intensive and less costly

Gynae Department

Aysha Mother & Child Care Hospital is home to a team of specialist gynecologists who are dedicated.

Nursery Department

We have a comprehensive staff of expert nurses and specialists focused on delivering quality care.

Pead’s Department

Department of Paediatrics and Child Health is committed to providing state-of-the-art services.

Hospital Images