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X-Men Dating Supersonic In Deadpool 2: A Mutant Love Story


Have you ever imagined what it will be like if superheroes had their very own love stories? Well, the latest installment of the Deadpool franchise, Deadpool 2, provides us a glimpse into the romantic lives of a few of our favorite mutants. One relationship that takes center stage is the unexpected romance between X-Men member Colossus and the mutant speedster, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, also referred to as "Supersonic." Prepare your self for a wild experience as we discover this distinctive love story and its impact on the world of mutants.

Love Strikes Unexpectedly

In Deadpool 2, the X-Men’s Colossus finds himself drawn to a newcomer to the staff, the rebellious Negasonic Teenage Warhead. But how did this unexpected romance come about? Well, all of it begins when the X-Men take Deadpool beneath their wing and send him on a mission with Negasonic and her girlfriend, Yukio. As the mission unfolds, Colossus witnesses the deep connection between the 2 young mutants and finds himself longing for a similar bond in his own life.

Colossus: A Gentle Giant

Colossus is known for his imposing stature and robust moral compass. But beneath his powerful exterior lies a gentle big with a coronary heart of gold. Throughout the X-Men franchise, we have seen Colossus prioritize doing what is true, even within the face of adversity. His unwavering dedication to justice is what sets him other than other mutants, making him a perfect romantic partner.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: A Punk with a Sensitive Side

On the opposite hand, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a rebellious mutant with an attitude. She exudes a punk-rock aesthetic and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But beneath her robust exterior lies a sensitive aspect that few have the privilege of seeing. Despite her rebellious nature, Negasonic has a robust sense of loyalty towards her friends and family members, making her a perfect match for Colossus.

The Chemistry Between Them


It’s their contrasting personalities that create such a powerful chemistry between Colossus and Negasonic. While Colossus represents stability and integrity, Negasonic brings a component of pleasure and spontaneity to the connection. Their love story turns into an exploration of how two fully completely different individuals can come together and create one thing stunning.

Overcoming Challenges

Every love story comes with its fair share of challenges, and Colossus and Negasonic’s romance is no exception. The fact that Colossus is an X-Men member while Negasonic is a trainee adds an extra layer of complexity to their relationship. They must navigate the complexities of their roles within the mutant group while also finding methods to nurture their bond.

A Metaphor for Acceptance

Colossus and Negasonic’s relationship serves as a metaphor for acceptance inside the mutant neighborhood and society as a whole. Traditionally, mutants have faced discrimination and prejudice, very like marginalized teams in our own world. By exploring a same-sex relationship between two mutants, Deadpool 2 sends a powerful message of inclusivity and acceptance.

The Impact on the X-Men Universe

While Colossus and Negasonic’s romance could be a subplot in Deadpool 2, it has a major impact on the X-Men universe as a complete. It challenges the standard notions of what a superhero relationship should be and paves the way for more various and inclusive storytelling within the style.


"X-Men Dating Supersonic in Deadpool 2" provides a refreshing take on superhero romance, showcasing the unexpected love story between Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Through their unique chemistry and ability to overcome challenges, they turn into a beacon of acceptance and inclusivity throughout the mutant community. As we eagerly await the following installment in the Deadpool franchise, allow us to celebrate the varied and meaningful relationships that proceed to shape the world of mutants.


1. Who is Supersonic in Deadpool 2?

Supersonic isn’t a personality in Deadpool 2. However, there’s a mutant named Domino who possesses the power of "luck manipulation." This means she has an enhanced capability to manipulate probabilities in her favor, which gives her a major benefit in fight conditions. She is portrayed as a member of Deadpool’s team, X-Force, within the movie.

2. Does Supersonic date anyone in Deadpool 2?

No, Supersonic does not date anybody in Deadpool 2. It must be noted that the character’s name is actually Sonic, not Supersonic. Sonic is a member of the X-Force team within the movie and is portrayed as a highly skilled mutant with the flexibility to emit highly effective sonic blasts from his mouth. However, his romantic entanglements are not explored within the movie.

3. Are there any romantic relationships in Deadpool 2 involving X-Men characters?

Yes, there is a romantic relationship between two X-Men characters in Deadpool 2. Colossus, a Russian mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into natural metal, develops a romantic curiosity in the character Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a mutant with the ability to generate explosive bursts of vitality. While their relationship just isn’t a central focus of the movie, it’s hinted at and provides a humorous dynamic to their interactions.

4. Does Deadpool have any love curiosity in the movie?

Yes, Deadpool, the primary character, has a love curiosity in Deadpool 2. His love curiosity is Vanessa Carlysle, also referred to as Copycat. Vanessa possesses the ability of shapeshifting, allowing her to mimic the appearance and abilities of anybody she chooses. Their relationship is a significant part of the movie, and Deadpool’s love for Vanessa drives many of his actions throughout the movie.

5. Are there any crossover romantic relationships between X-Men characters and Deadpool characters in the movie?

Yes, there is a romantic relationship between an X-Men character and a Deadpool character in Deadpool 2. Deadpool develops a close bond with Colossus, an X-Men member, and their interactions provide humorous moments. However, this relationship isn’t romantic in nature. Deadpool’s main romantic interest stays Vanessa, while Colossus’ interest lies with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, additionally an X-Men character.